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Terms & Conditions

For fashion, family, love story, pregnancy, individual, event photoshoot 
•I you book a photoshoot 1 month in advance:
100% prepayment in advance, if you cancel photoshoot in first 14 days after I receive payment or I cancel work due to my own reasons I return you 100% payment, if you cancel after 14 days since I received payment I return 50%, if you cancel 4 days before photoshoot the payment cannot be refunded. If you book  photoshoot 1 week or less before itself money not refundable unless i cancel photoshoot myself.

You will receive all originals and all good pictures with light retouching after photoshoot via 

Product photoshoot and retouching :
100% prepayment and not refundable after photoshoot.

Product retouching is very complicated and time consuming process and if the result is technically good but "not how I imagined" well I can't read your mind however I already did spend my time on this hard work and hope you understand why money for such work is not refundable. 

Website creation:
After 100% prepayment I start working 1 day after I receive the payment and if for any reason you cancel the project or we cannot continue working together I do return 50% of payment as I already did spend a lot of time on work. 

Marketing and social media design:
100% prepayment. After payment received, I start to work 1 day after and payment I not refundable unless I cancel the project by myself

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